Sunday, March 19, 2017

Who's the Boss?: First Date

Image result for Who's the Boss?: First DateWho's the Boss?: First Date
February 21, 1989

Daniel Palladino's first of ten WtB scripts has Tony and Angela go on their first official, intentional, "real" date.  Unfortunately, Tony chooses a comedy club where the comic mocks their relationship.  (I'm not sure if the irony was intended at the time, but Tom Villard, who plays the comic, was probably best known as one of the stars of We've Got It Made, where leering at your blonde, buxom housekeeper was perfectly normal).  There are some good moments here, but I feel like they're skirting the issue of whether or not Tony and Angela should go out, so I can't give a B+.  Note that Jonathan has a move for putting his arm around a girl although he has not yet had his first kiss.  (And believe me, we'll know when he does!)

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